After the accident, which caused the loss of my husband, I knew I had to think about how to take care of myself & our two girls but it's so hard to think of money and finances at a time like that.  Lucky for me, I began talking to Melissa and she explained a structured annuity, how it worked, and how it could benefit my family now and in the future.  The annuity not only gives me a monthly payment for bills and to help raise my children but also protects our futures with college tuitions, future monthly payments for the rest of my life, and larger lump sums now and throughout my retirement years. Melissa & her team's personal approach and professional concern to make sure every future financial need would be met was amazing.  It could not of been easier during such a difficult time.  Using part of the settlement money for a structured annuity was the best decision I've made for me and my children.
Anita G.


We were devastated when our son was seriously injured in a car accident involving a semi-truck on the freeway.  How do you even begin to think about money and finances when your loved one is hurt?  But, we knew we had to make some decisions as there were months of recovery, therapy, medical bills, and future surgeries ahead of us.  There were so many decisions, it was an overwhelming time.  We were extremely thankful that our attorney explained how a structured annuity could be the best choice for our son, and put us in touch with Melissa Baldwin.  She listened to our concerns, what we needed and made everything so easy for our family.  She created a payment plan that not only helped pay our son’s monthly medical bills for the next 10 years, but also secured his financial future with college tuition payments, monthly living expenses and annual payments on his birthday until he’s 35.   We couldn’t of made a better choice for our family and our son’s future.
Tom V.
My brother was in the wrong place at the wrong time and accidently killed by police officers.  He was a single father when we passed away, we are now raising his two daughters.  We were worried about how we were going to pay for extra expenses to raise them or for college when they are older, it was all so hard to think about.  We are so thankful our attorney had Melissa meet with us and explain how a structured settlement could help.  Both girls will have money to pay for college, expenses while they're in school, and even larger payments in their 20s and 30s to buy a home.   The girls will be taken care of and that means everything to us.
Angelina B.